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The New York Times
  • Year
  • 2010
  • Type
  • Screen Interface Proposal

Prompted by the New York City taxi fare scam exposed earlier this year and the generally sorry state of the current user interface design of the taxi display, we proposed some ideas on how to improve the taxi passenger display, putting fare transparency first.

Screen 1: Always aware of fare (and route if desired)
The passenger display always shows key meter information: applicable rate, current fare, extra charges and total. Additionally, the passenger can see the route map with current location and real-time traffic info. Passengers can toggle between map view and taxi entertainment, thereby maximizing the screen real estate for the selected mode.

Screen 2: Find out more (if desired)
Passengers can select each “meter” component at any time and get more detailed information. The large, high contrast buttons are easy to read and additional information appears in generously-sized overlays that focus attention and allow for comfortable type sizes.

Screen 3: Get alerted of any change
If the rate switches, an automated alert appears and passengers need to acknowledge the change or they can look up why a rate switch happened. Having immediate, clearly visible access to fare information instills a sense of confidence in the passenger and, ultimately, improves the trust in the driver.

Press & Awards
The New York Times
Truth in Taxi TV, August 14, 2010