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Help Point Intercom
MTA/New York City Transit
  • Year
  • 2005
  • Type
  • Equipment Design

The Help Point Intercom (HPI) is a customer information and emergency intercom system for the New York City Subway stations. In case of an emergency, a customer can directly contact an agent at the emergency dispatch center twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Further, customers can talk to a live customer service agent for real-time transit related information.To further enhance security and discourage tampering, each HPI is equipped with a built-in video camera. The HPI is a beacon in the station environment, making it easy to spot and instantly recognizable, not only in an emergency, but at any time when information is needed. With its careful mix of easy visibility and non-alarming appearance, it sends the right message about its dual function. Partly designed as an ambient light fixture, the HPI's calming blue light provides a sense of safety and security during everyday activities, symbolizing the human presence that is always just a touch of a button away. Its clear identity avoids confusion with any other station or platform equipment (such as train related signals.) The HPI has a modular design which allows it to be configured as a wall mounted, column-mounted or freestanding device. A simple interface makes it easy-to-use. When activated, buttons illuminate to indicate connection, and there is sound feedback. The HPI is ADA compliant and features high contrast, large type labels with Braille. Gesture, proportion and material finish make it an elegant piece of public equipment, yet it is durable, vandal resistant and easy to maintain.

Press & Awards
Permanent Collection, The Museum of Modern Art New York, 2006
Help Point Intercom
Bronze Award, IDEA, Environments, 2006
MTA/NYCT Help Point Intercom
Museum of Modern Art, New York, SAFE: Design Takes On Risk, 2005
Help Point Intercom, bUNIT
Monitor Unlimited #35
us/ny/help point intercom, March 2006