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Self-Order Restaurant Kiosk
  • Year
  • 2009
  • Type
  • Kiosk Screen Interface Design

Antenna has been working with the McDonald’s global experience design team on designing a global user interface platform for a self-order restaurant kiosk interface. On the customer side, the touch-screen kiosk presents a fun and easy-to-use interface that projects a contemporary image and promotes food quality. The self-order kiosk experience empowers customers to order at their own pace and in their language of choice. On the system side, the kiosk interface architecture is designed to accommodate the unique needs of the different markets across the world. It allows localization, while maintaining a cohesive global brand experience.

The new McDonald’s branded self-order kiosk interface has already been localized for several European markets, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. A similar, web-based, interface has been developed for McDonald’s Delivery Service in Asia and Latin America.

Antenna has also designed dynamic information displays for the McDonald's restaurant environment and has been developing concepts to enhance the drive-through experience.