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Aura Communicator
Fujitsu, Japan
  • Year
  • 2000
  • Type
  • Product and Service Concepts

A scenario-based service/product concept development for a third generation wireless network environment (3G). The device concepts combine the functionalities of mobile phones and PDAs plus other features, depending on the individual device. The high speed wireless Internet connection, enabled by 3G technology and Bluetooth-based local area networking, allows for new services such as receiving location-based 'tags' which automatically make a connection to a particular Internet site. One of the concepts, pictured above, was developed further into a detailed hardware and interface study. The device features a fingerprint scanner for personal identfication as a security measure. There are two screens on the device, the upper one is for viewing content, the lower one is a touch screen with dynamically configured control buttons. When docked in the charging base, the device can be used as a speaker phone or music player.

Press & Awards
Screen Siren: Aura Communicator, October 2001