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LifeNetwork InfoPortal
IBM Watson Research Center, New York
  • Year
  • 2000
  • Type
  • Computer Concept Prototype Design

The InfoPortal is a future computer concept, designed as a "showcar" for IBM research to feature their proprietary sensing technologies. It features a flexible structure which allows for more than ten configurations, including table mounted, wall mounted, with or without articulating arm. In addition to an integrated video camera, which folds away when not in use, it features a fingerprint reader for biometric authentication, a hard button for deploying the on-screen soft keyboard and an ingenious two-part articulated fold-away physical keyboard. Aside from offering a high level of flexibility, a major interest was to create a beautiful object which people would like to have in their homes.

The "Sensory Bezel" is a combination of sensing technologies that enable the InfoPortal to automatically adjust its user interface by sensing and reacting to the users' presence and position. The InfoPortal also introduces 'touchless pointing' which allows the user to navigate the user interface without physically touching the device or using any sort of stylus. The top area of the InfoPortal, is also embedded with multicolor lighting which allows for a variety of message and state indications, which can be seen from anywhere in the room, even when the main display is off.

Press & Awards
Design Distinction, Concepts, ID Magazine Annual Design Review, 2000
IBM Life Network InfoPortal
Axis Japan
InfoPortal, November 2002