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Pattern Recognition
Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York
  • Year
  • 2006
  • Type
  • Installations and Objects

Pattern Recognition, our second solo exhibition at Frederieke Taylor Gallery, is a collection of works that are reflections on various aspects of urban dynamics. "Midtown" is a reactive light installation that reminds us that the spectacle created by the city, also enters the seemingly private space of our homes. As neighboring high-rise buildings bring light into our apartments, we propose to bring a high-rise into an apartment as a light source that reacts to the inhabitant. A proximity sensor detects distance from the light fixture and adjusts the speed of turning on and off of the individual “floors” accordingly. The closer a person comes, the more frantic the pace becomes until at close range all lights illuminate steadily.

"Warriors" is a light installation in the form of an “abstracted” New York City Subway map. The more geometric rendition of the map paired with a color scheme that’s picked from the 1972 subway map makes the map almost “unreadable” as the subway map, thus changing our perception of the familiar.

"Google Cab" is an object based on a satellite image from Google Maps showing a New York City taxi cab driving on the 72nd Street transverse in Central Park. Each pixel of the image was translated into a 2 inch cube, stacked at the appropriate height of a Ford Crown Victoria, the most common vehicle for NYC taxis.

Also included in the exhibition is our Sidewalk Series, presented as lenticular prints in "speaking" picture frames.