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Knoll Inc, New York
  • Year
  • 2015
  • Type
  • Office System Furniture

Horsepower is a horizontal power and data distribution system. Simple and straightforward, it is visually light and dynamic. Horsepower comes in two types:

One is a configurable module with hardwired multi-circuit power. It can create entire open plan work environments. Used as a power/data spine and handling cable management, desks can be cantilevered from the spine, storage can be suspended below, privacy screens can be mounted above. It is a very flexible way to create work spaces that can easily be re-configured.

The other type of Horsepower is an independent cord-set module that serves as an on-demand, mobile power source. It is well suited to a range of activity spaces and can be accessorized with a variety of options that people may need in those spaces; such as seat cushions, video displays, whiteboards, lights, etc. It comes as a glide and a caster version.

Horsepower can also be used as trestle leg desk supports, which work nicely with larger tops. People can plug right into the desk support.

Press & Awards
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