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Fashion District Newsrack
Fashion Center Business Improvement District, NYC
  • Year
  • 2005
  • Type
  • Sidewalk Newspaper Kiosk

The Newsrack is a new sidewalk fixture for New York’s fashion district. Combining newsboxes with a planter, it not only solves the messy problem of different, loose newsboxes, but it also enhances the sidewalk environment with greenery without using extra sidewalk space. The combination of newspaper dispenser and flowerpot was intended to inspire a “smile” on people’s faces in their daily morning ritual. Together with the welcoming anthropomorphic gesture, the ever-changing seasonal flower display gives a delightful morning greeting to people working in the area. Further, the Newsrack presents customers with a nice display of newspaper choices which keeps the newspapers protected and orderly.

Press & Awards
Axis Japan
Fashion District Newsrack, April 2006