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International Design Biennale Saint-Etienne, France
  • Year
  • 2004
  • Type
  • Fast Food Restaurant Concept

Invited to contribute to the exhibition “Value Meal: Design and (over)Eating” at the Design Biennale in Saint-Etienne, we developed a concept for a healthy fast food restaurant called LottoBurger, which essentially combines fast food and the lottery. Taking the view that both fast food and the lottery promote irrational, compulsive behaviors, it employs design and incentives to change people’s behavior.

LottoBurger menu items, posing as regular fast food, are in fact designed to provide a healthy, well-balanced meal to customers, who would typically not frequent a health food restaurant. Customers choose among four menu categories (drink, main dish, side dish, dessert), each of which is color-coded. Each package is numbered so that a combo meal forms a four-digit lottery number. RFID tags with invisible codes embedded in the packaging prevent people from cheating by swapping numbers, as number combinations and their invisible codes are entered into the database at purchase time.

The price of a LottoBurger combo meal would be slightly more than a typical fast food meal, but less than the total of a fast food meal plus lottery ticket, with the gambling proceeds subsidizing the higher cost of the better quality fare. The “happy” visual identity is juxtaposed with the silver dollar tray, referencing the underlying economic realities behind part of the obesity problem and hinting at the commercial potential of this concept.

Press & Awards
Axis Japan
LottoBurger, April 2005